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Value For Estate Purposes

Industrial Building with storage yard, used by a well company- Denver, CO

If you have been named an Executor or Executrix for an Estate, there are certain tasks that you must handle. One of these is obtaining an accurate valuation of any commercial real estate, to establish a new, "stepped-up" basis for accounting and tax reporting.

Typically, this is done retrospectively (looking back) to the date of death. This in turn, becomes the effective date of valuation.

Upon completion of our work, you will be provided with all necessary information to assist with filing required forms for the IRS. Additionally, all family members will know that they have been treated fairly.

We personally know that handling estate issues can be very stressful. We strive to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you have obtained an accurate valuation for your commercial real estate and have competently fulfilled your administrative duties.